5 Best Mobile Security Apps for iOS and Android

Best anti virus applications for smartphones

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It is no longer a new thing on the internet, that the more good guys tend to advance technical systems and patch up loopholes, the more bad guys deploy strategies to get access via any available loopholes, just for their selfish personal gain. So this has been a rival between cybercrime and cyber security technology. 

So to place more protection over your data or information stored on your smart phones, we have researched and reviewed the best list of Mobile security applications for iOS and Android devices below. The apps can help protect and fight malicious attacks or irregularities on your smart devices. 

Of course, you wouldn't want any threat or attack to take you unawares, so you have to install and use mobile security applications to properly secure your phones. Installing one Mobile Security application at least, would go a long way to safeguard your phone information, than not having any at all. 

So in this article, we have provided detailed information on the best 5 mobile security applications you can start using on your device, with their core features of performance. Also, you can easily get applications and files installed on your device with best premium link generator sites. So let's dive into the best security apps for your smart mobile phones.

Best Mobile Security Apps

Top 5 Mobile Security Apps for iOS and Android Devices

  1. Avast Premium Security

One of the best mobile security applications used by many and as well popular on computer OS World, is Avast premium security app. This application which is in different platforms like PC and Tablet, mobile OS version offers a lot of features to users and some of them encompass full online protection. 

Avast Premium Security has the ability to deliver full custom security services for your computers, mac, Android, and iPhone, iPad tablets etc. The app secures your smartphone with absolute security at all levels. Avast Security Company added features like single platform and multi-platform options, and these options let you decide the kind of protection you want your device to have. 

Also, the Avast free version blocks viruses and spyware in real time and the premium version ensures to protect your device against fraudulent websites, ransomware, password theft and other security challenging situations.

2. BitDefender Mobile Security


Another best Mobile Security we highly recommend for users is BitDefender mobile security app. This security application is available for Android and iOS platforms, and it offers maximum protection of the devices that have its software installed.


BitDefender also included a secured VPN service that gives users the ability to browse the web securely and faster, through their mobile devices. The app features the ability to remotely locate, lock, and wipe lost phone or stolen devices. The security app has minimal impact on battery life. This Antivirus security app also provides account privacy that is able to verify your email account when breached or not.


3. Kapernsky Internet Security App


Kapernsky Internet Security has different software or applications for different operating systems, which includes Android, PC, Mac, tablet etc. This application provides advanced Mobile Security that safeguards your smartphone devices on the go. Having this application installed on your device, will secure the cell phone from malicious applications. It can also block suspicious apps, especially websites that are corrected with viruses, protect your device files or data.


Kapernsky Internet mobile Security App gives users access to control designated applications. As a user having this app installed on your device, you would be able to control and stop spyware monitoring text and calls. This mobile anti-virus application has features like anti-theft tools and this provides the ability to protect your mobile data through the use of machine learning that fight any new emerging threats against the device.


4. Lookout Personal Security


Lookout Personal is a wonderful platform that provides users with strong digital security for mobile devices. The platform is loaded with security features such as identity protection, theft prevention etc. Why I got so fascinated about this application is that it has the ability to protect your device against so many security challenges or threats such as; phishing, malware, adware etc. The security tools in this all-in-one application go a long way to protect your device from harmful security challenges or viruses that emerge in a period of time.


Lookout app gives you a maximum 24/7 access to what is called ID Restoration Experts and as well as one million dollars Identity Theft Insurance. And this insurance will help users to restore or recover your stolen or missing device. The app also informs users when a Wi-Fi network connection is unsafe to use.


5. Norton Mobile Security App


Norton Mobile Security application protects your mobile smartphones from virus and other threats like malware. The mobile security app helps to clean or clear devices from viruses, Malware and new foreign imposing threats etc. Some of the features that this application runs with are as follows: it gives devices privacy protection, web protection, anti-theft services, unsecured Wi-Fi detection, app screening etc.


Norton Security Deluxe tool provides that ability to protect about 5 different devices, such as Tablets, Smart phones, PCs, Macs, etc. Over the years, Norton security has proven to be one of the best security software that combat or fight against threats or viruses on different devices or operating system platforms. So you might want to use it for your Devices. 

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